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Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner


I did: stressed out, flat out, some major life challenges, chronic health issues, rubbish sleep, lack of self-care. Unacknowledged emotions: everything's 'fine'. It all created a perfect storm.


These were all ingrained patterns in my energy systems. Building up from WAY before anything was a visible issue.

My whole life. Reflected in my energy fields.

But I didn't know about that. 

I didn't realise there was another way.

Or know how to track or 'see' my energy.

I had no clue about being self-empowered to balance my energy fields and body chemistry.

I do now. And it's so liberating, delicious and quite frankly exciting!




Thank you to all my amazing mentors and teachers that have been and continue to be a part of my journey ...

The Emotion Code Practitioner Certification with Dr Bradley Nelson, CECP (2020) 

Ancestral Earth Medicine with Prune Harris, EEM-AP (Oct 2019)  


Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (2017-2019)  

Strategic Intervention Certified Coach with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes (2018-2019)


Re-visioning the Soul with Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel, EEM-AP (March 2019)


Energy Psychology for the Energy Medicine Practitioner with David Feinstein, PhD (February 2019)


The Wisdom Womb I with Prune Harris, EEM-AP (January 2019)


The Healthy Healer with Prune Harris, EEM-AP (November 2018)  


Healthy, Energised & Empowered; Energy Medicine for Women with Prune Harris, EEM-AP (September 2018) 


Harmonize The Fire™ with Melanie Smith, EEM-AP (August 2018)  


Embracing the Senses with Debra Burchard, EEM-AP (May 2018) 


Energy Medicine For A Healthier Digestion: You've Got Guts with Madison King, EEM-AP (January 2018) 


ICEERS (International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education & Research) with The Beckley Foundation, year-long Ayahausca Research Study (2016)


Internal Alchemy, Silent Retreat with The Art Of Meditation & Burgs (April 2016)


The Art Of Living Happiness Programme developed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (January 2016)  


Indigenous Amazonian Shamanism with Shipibo Tribe Maestras & Maestros, Ucayali Region, Peru (2012 -2016)


“Ah, I loved that. I felt deeper, calmer, heavier, more grounded. And I could feel the front of my brain - I became very aware of it actually working. Amazing. Thank you; another great tool x” 

—  Alexia TH

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