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E N E R G Y   M E D I C I N E

Experience How To

Reset & Recharge Your Energy

Sep 6th - Oct 11th 2020

Discover how to create more energy and raise your vibration with Energy Medicine

Your energy level affects your happiness, productivity, health, relationships, hormones, focus and stress resilience 

That'll be everything in your life then ...

Imagine how different your life would be if you had all the energy you wanted?

Where's the magic wand when you need one?

Luckily: it's right with you.

You have it 

Turn it on by empowering yourself and experiencing 

simple and powerful

E N E R G Y   M E D I C I N E

Do you ever feel like

  • you don't have enough energy?

  • your energy is up and down?

  • it's hard to stay positive when you are exhausted?

  • you get distracted easily?

Energy is ALL there is!


What's been the experience of


"I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who is wishing to learn about the benefits of energy medicine.


The content was so interesting and informative.


Nicola's calm, caring and genuine nature made each week an absolute pleasure. I would look forward to each post with anticipation. The course has inspired me to learn more about our energy and given me hope that you can create vitality and positive flow in life.


I will definitely be doing a daily energy routine and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the course from the other side of the world!"


"Everything is energy!


Nicola has such a beautiful and gentle approach to teaching the science behind it and also encourages to follow your intuition. She deeply cares about the well being and concerns of her students.


I have a lot more vitality and feel overall happier. I’ve had to have some tough conversations with people and was able to do it in a calm and grounded way. I know it’s because of the energy work I’ve been practicing.


I had a lot of anger at one point and was able to move through it using these techniques. Before, I would have projected it onto someone else or sat in anger for hours.


You won’t regret taking this course.


It should be taught in schools to children. You’ll gain a much deeper awareness of your body and you deserve that :) Thank you Nicola for being a way shower!"



"It is a knowledge of vital importance to thrive in this energy universe.


If you understand you are an energy being than the first thing you would want to do is to take care of your energy."



"What have you got to lose. 


The energy is inside of you.


You deserve to let it out."


"This course is great because is the combination of the teacher and the teaching that makes you keep learning, practicing.


You can find many Energy topics on line, but this course is just great, keeps you going and engages you in this new world of energy."


"I have realised just how important this work is, not only for myself, but for those that I come into contact with.


I also noticed how when I have done the aura work, how much happier and lighter my spirit feels.


I also feel more "intune"."


"Absolutely sign up!


You will end this course being completely changed and have such insight into your wonderful energy body and all it has to offer.


You will learn to speak energy and speak to your body in a language it understands.


All our energy wants for us is to be in unison and this course teaches this - and way much more!"


"This course is what you need to bring joy back into your life.


To bring in some big personal changes,implementing powerful new habits and making you aware of your energy needs.


You get simple, but strong tools,structured to fit you, to redirect your life.


It has been wonderful being part of this and I would recommend you jump on board if you get a chance and explore this world of energy, play and learn, heal."


"Nicola is a superb, enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable teacher. The course was well structured and catered for people with differing levels of knowledge.


No question was too stupid or too difficult for Nicola to not be able to explain for all to understand.


I felt very supported and welcome, and the course was like a breath of fresh air professionally delivered by a caring, intelligent and kind person.


Many thanks Nicola!"


"If you want to be more in touch with yourself, feeling grounded and safe, than this course is definitely for you.


You will not only learn simple physical techniques of how to bring the body back to balance, but also how the mind body connection works and how important it is to stay healthy and resilient."


"Please don't think about it -do it.

Nicola has a way of putting complex information across in a simple, easy to follow manner and if you do the work, this basic understanding of energy healing will have a major effect."


"This was something totally new.

The best thing is you - you are so authentic and you can explain everything so well and I really feel much better than before the course - thanks so much."


"My body, soul and mind have been feeling so good, I will do my best to do the exercises daily, connect to this powerful healing energy.


Most of my life I have believed that we have the power to heal ourselves, doing this work gives me more hope that I can do it.


I have the power to shift pain and look fowarded to living a pain free life."




  • 5 Weekly Online Modules

  • Group Coaching Community

  • Energy Clearing & Balancing

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Live Calls Q+A's 

6th Sep - 11th Oct 2020

  • Learn how to realign your beliefs for your highest good.

  • Learn how to let go of energy baggage that is keeping you stuck.

  • Understand the one subconscious vibration that holds your habits in place and learn the energy tools to release this.

  • Expand and raise your consciousness to connect to the best version of yourself

  • Start learning your body’s energy language

  • Influence your energy flow for health, focus & vitality

  • As your body learns healthy energy habits you are less likely to fall into negativity or depression

  • Learn some simple and quick daily techniques that support your resilience to stress and increase your energy

  • Energy techniques to clear energy blocks, release excess energies and toxins

  • How to ground your energies and align with the magnetic field of the earth

  • How to recognise an energy pattern that can drain you and prevent your full productivity and joy

  • Short, simple exercises to bring mental clarity, centred focus and calm

  • How meridians recharge naturally throughout the day and what this means for your health

  • How to interact with energies to protect your immunity when you respond to stress

  • The consequences of your fight/flight response on overdrive

  • Simple, practical exercises to restore balance and re-pattern your stress response

  • Your Aura: receiver, antenna, blueprint for your development

  • The layers of the aura

  • When to work with the aura

  • Recognising issues in the aura and how to correct these

  • Protecting your energies from the influence of others

About  Me

I have been working with the language of Energy for a decade and I am passionate with all my heart  to help you unlock the secrets of your incredible energy systems

For your resilience, health and happiness

Amongst other things,

I am a certified EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE practitioner





More insights into this

energy experience

"I would recommend this course to anyone.


There is so much information packed in and it caters for any level of understanding- even beginners. The explanations and knowledge surrounding each exercise is wonderful.


Your own energy is amazing and you are clearly a very caring and genuine person. Your voice is calming as it coaxes and encourages."


"I would encourage anyone to do this course because any emotional and physical problems can potentially be helped.


The exercises and moves were explained so well and I learnt information about my body and how things work that I didn’t know before.


It was also extremely fun and empowering, as you are given tools to actually help yourself. Basically we get to take our power back and be really creative in the process. I can see that probably 95% of the worlds population are dealing with stress and anxiety, and as someone who is training to be a counsellor, I believe energy medicine is a great way to deal with this and help people.


Thank you Nicola for a great experience!"


"You have absolutely nothing to lose.


The worst that can happen is that you feel calmer and more at peace and connected to yourself - even if you don't manage to practice every day."


"Fantastic course!


I highly recommend working with Nicola. She opened up a new world of deep relaxation and taking care of my health by myself for me. Thank you so much Nicola for your amazing course!"


"My mood is more expansive and more joyful, I am standing up straight with my shoulders back for the first time in years.


I feel cheerful and joyful and have a sense of calm and centeredness that I haven’t felt in years and years."



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

If you are looking to create more energy for the best version of yourself then YES! this is for you.

Are you looking for guidance to know what to do on a daily basis?

You've got it here.

Energy Medicine supports physical and emotional issues.

How much time do I need?

You set your schedule based on what works for you.

You can watch the recordings anytime, join a live, or watch a recording of a live anytime.

The course is 5 weeks, starting on Sun 6th Sep - Oct 11th

  • Once a week there will be recorded training content released of around 70 mins

[this includes 10-20 mins of guided energy work, new each week.]

  • Ideally, this guided energy work would be done daily [10-20 mins] for the duration of the course. It is totally OK if you don’t do this every day. You can see from previous members who said they felt amazing benefits even if they didn’t practice every day!!

  • Once a week there is a live 55 min group energy clearing which is also recorded.

  • Once a week there is a live 30-45 min Q&A session which is also recorded.

  • Weekly total = 170 mins content with a daily energy practice of 10-20 mins. That’s like a movie once a week and then your energy practice.

I have never worked with 'energy'

Welcome: I am committed to supporting you and keeping it simple. 

But don't underestimate simple.

This is where profound experiences happen. 

I am experienced at working with my energy

Welcome: I am committed to supporting you on this journey of communing with your energy.

This is an alchemy of Truth: simple, fun, and profound.

It is a unique experience you will not have encountered anywhere else.

How is 'Your Energy Reset & Recharge' delivered?

  • All content accessible via laptop, ipad or smartphone.

  • The course is delivered via my online training platform.

Videos are recorded and accessed using your email and setting a password.

  • The live calls are accessed via a free online video service called Zoom. 

You join this via audio only or audio & video using a link I send to your email.

The recordings of these calls are uploaded to the training platform afterwards.

  • Community is via a private Facebook group. If you don’t have Facebook account I encourage you to set up a temporary account for the duration of the course. BUT, it is totally possible to be a part of the course and not the private Facebook group.

What if I can't make a live part of the experience?

All live calls are recorded and uploaded to my online training platform.

Login and access these at a convenient time to you.

You will have an opportunity to submit questions if you cannot make a Q&A call. 

Group energy clearings are just as effective listening to the recording.

Got another question?

I would be delighted to hear from you!

Email me:   


Bought by over 300 000 people in 20 languages 


New York Times best seller, Energy Medicine, is the world leading reference by renowned energy healer Donna Eden and clinical psychologist David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Editorial Reviews For "Energy Medicine "

"It's time for minds to open and bodies to heal. Read, listen and explore your intimate healing abilities."
--Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

"Donna Eden is one of the most joyous and effective pioneers in the rapidly expanding and vitally important frontier called energy medicine. This book, the classic in hands-on energy medicine, is an enormously practical guide that sings with compassion, integrity, and wisdom."
--Dr. Christiane Northrup

"Donna Eden's body-energy work is perhaps the most brilliant, comprehensive and effective system in the genre that I have ever seen."
--Jean Houston Ph.D., The Possible Dream

Your Energy Reset & Recharge


6th Sep - 11th Oct 2020

5 Online Modules

Group Coaching Community

Energy Clearing & Balancing

Coaching & Mentoring

Live Calls, Q+A's



— Koryun LDC

“Feeling extremely calm like never before, what a divine sensation, lots of love and light to you and your healing job, you are making invaluable impact of people's wellbeing, thank you soo much.”