Imagine what you could achieve if you knew how to access focus and calm ALL the time . . .

Learn THREE simple & powerful

Energy Medicine techniques


  • release overwhelm & anxiety

  • tame your monkey mind

  • re-pattern your stress response

  • break free from procrastination habits

  • process stress to stop stress building up in your body chemistry

Come on a journey to understand your body's energy responses

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Your Energy: Focus & Calm
4 Part Mini-Masterclass Video Series

Video One            [6 mins 16s]

  • Learn 2 fundamental principles about your energy.

  • Expand your awareness and perception to amplify your energy experience for focus and calm.

Video Two            [6 mins 46s]

  • Learn why these 3 energy moves create focus and calm.

  • Understand how you will interact with your energy to process and re-pattern stress.

Video Three           [9 mins 32s]

  • Experience and practice 3 simple and powerful energy moves.

  • Release and re-pattern your stress response.

  • Create cohesion in your energy so you feel calm.

Video Four           [6 mins 05s]

  • Learn how to get the best results from this sequence.

  • Repetition builds resilience in your mind and body.

  • Come back to your centre with ease.

Here's the overview, then scroll down to view

More stress does NOT equal more success & fulfilment 

If you are someone with a mission in life you already know you need Energy with a capital E to succeed over the long haul.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the modern world makes the costly mistake of loading stress energy into their system all the time without knowing how to release, reset, and re-pattern their physiological stress response.

  • You’ll waste precious time [this may be daily!!!], procrastinating and feeling overwhelmed.

  • Your body chemistry is overloaded.

  • The sparkle inside is going, going gone....

That’s why I’ve created this FREE 4 part mini masterclass video series to give you THREE simple and powerful Energy tools to release stress and give you access to focus & calm.

It’s called Your Energy: Focus & Calm.

Learn how to create enduring emotional, physical, and mental vibrancy by tapping into your body’s energy.

[This is not a meditation technique.]

A calm mind is a focused and creative mind.

It’s a game-changer!

Video 1:  Two Fundamental Energy Understandings 

[6 mins 16s]

  • learn what Energy you are made of and going to be interacting with. 

  • understand a key Energy pattern for your vitality

  • expand your perception to connect to create a conscious awareness before learning the moves.


Video 2: Why Are These Energy Moves So Effective

[6 mins 46s]

  • what happens in your brain when you feel stressed and why is this detrimental to your health.

  • learn a powerful nervous system interaction to process stress.

  • learn why bioenergetic research into Dyslexia can help you focus.

  • understand how these Energy interventions can stop overwhelm, disorganization, emotional imbalance and obsessiveness. 

  • learn 1 key Energy move to practice before any important discussion, negotiation or confrontation.


  • I create Energy cross overs for focus

  • I integrate my body & mind for calm

  • I connect my front & back brain for cohesion

  • I allow Energy to move and bring me clarity

  • I process and release stress from my nervous system

  • I connect to a powerful Energy circuit to be centred

  • I reset and recharge my energy

Video 3: Let's Do The Energy Moves! 

[9 mins 32s, moves start @ 1 min 25s]


Video 4: How To Amplify + Deepen Your Practice

[6 mins 05s]

  • create more Energy, it's an inside job

  • feel grounded and centred

  • empower yourself to balance your body chemistry

  • build resilience to take on life with ease

  • be more productive in less time

  • create healthy sleep

  • reset and recharge your energy


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